Friday, July 30, 2010

"Sex Room" (real mix) REMIX

This student-created production is covered under the Fair Use codes US copyright law. Specifically, Section 107 of the current Copyright Act and Section 504(c)(2) cover the educational-basis of this video production. The production is intended to be a transformative remake, aiding in both student and public media literacy. The use of copyrighted material is in the service of constructing a differing understanding than the original work, which according to Section 110 (1) (2), is to be treated as a new cultural production. This student-production is in no way limited to the protections provided by the Fair Use codes stated above due to the many other sections of the current US Copyright Act, which also include the principles of Fair Use.

Please refer to Fair Use principles when re-posting, quoting, and/or excerpting the video-production posted here.


  1. Strength

    I thought the new introduction was very good. I thought it was clear the first images were supposed to represent what Ludacris and Trey Songz had in mind for the music video. I do not think any one of the beginning images were ambiguous.

    I thought the idea portrayed in your video was potent. I thought you did a good job of keeping the video serious, so as not to undermine the message.


    Overall, the video was excellent; therefore it was difficult to find weaknesses.

    I thought it got a bit confusing whether you wanted the message to be primarily about sex trafficking or if you wanted it to be about sex trafficking and rape. It might have helped if you had a couple of more narrations like the one in the beginning dispersed throughout the video, instead of just narrations on pictures.

    I thought a couple of your pictures were ambiguous in the second half. For instance, I did not understand how the girl getting her hair braided related to sex trafficking.

  2. “Sex Room”
    Sara, Ola, Derek, & Christian--
    This project definitely improved with your revision! I really like the layout choices and the images you chose to include (and the placement of the images in relation to the lyrics at several key moments of the song) because they definitely made a great student-remake, even clearer in its message!
    Nice job to all four of you on this project!

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